Do You Have a Heart of Worship?

In case you’re looking for a surefire path to spiritual growth, there’s no better advice than to spend time every day in God’s presence. When you decide to make Him your top priority, then you may understand His peace, His power, and His supply.

Lifting your voice to the Lord must not be limited to Sunday church services. You need to continually spend some time in His existence. If you’re facing an impossible situation and don’t feel as though you stand a chance, start committing the Lord honor and praise.

By spending time with Him, by revealing your heart to worship, you will be transformed–changed–into the image of His Son, Jesus Christ. This is God’s goal for you–to make you more and more like Jesus with each passing day.
The Way Worship Helps

Worship will allow you to surrender your fears, frustrations, hurts, and issues to the Lord. Worship signals your recognition that He alone holds the answers to your struggles and that you cannot resolve your issues by yourself.

If you genuinely desire an intimate relationship with God and want Him to transform your own life, then spend some time in His presence, worshipping Him and talking with Him.

God has placed inside every human a hunger to worship. He wants to satisfy that hunger as we guide our loyalty and adoration toward Him, the only true God.

God does not encourage you to worship Him because He wants your worship. He wants you to worship Him because YOU need that kind of intimate relationship with Him on your own, and because He’s completely worthy of your loyalty!

Worship will lift you up out of the troubles of the world and place you in the realm of His Spirit. It’s there that you’ll be surrounded by His presence!

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